Sep 24

Why Do We Need Supplements?

Good morning, everyone! Feeling super balanced, calm, and energized after the yoga session I just completed. One of my favorite things about yoga is the breathing component. There is so much power in breathing! It’s so easy for us to forget how precious and important each breath is. We tend to take it for granted until it’s threatened or harmed in some way. Deep breathing that is in sync with yoga poses really helps to align your body and clear your energy centers, which are also known as the chakra system. The other benefits of deep breathing include the release of toxins, reduced pain, a strengthened nervous system and a nice little internal massage for the organs. I could go on and on about the awesome benefits of yoga and breathing, but I must stay focused on our theme for the month, which is our lovely supplements!

Last week, we talked about how to tell the difference between natural and synthetic supplements, as well as the top five natural supplements the week before last. This week, I want to touch on a much simpler supplement topic that a lot of you have probably wanted to ask for some time now: “Why in the heck do we need supplements in the first place?” I’m glad that you’ve had this question bubbling in your brain. Let’s get to it!

Fertile Ground?

As we all know, farming and cropping practices of today’s standard aren’t the same as they were a couple of decades ago. The population has grown tremendously, along with booming industrial and technological advances as well, which results in a higher demand for more food and other resources. To keep up with the demand, conventional farmers will reuse the soil for their crops.

Over time, the foods that are grown lose their natural mineral abundance due to the mineral content in the soil being worn-out. So there is a pretty good chance that your body isn’t fully benefiting from all the robust nutrients that the minerals would originally provide. Nowadays, there is no real way to promise that foods are one-hundred percent pure and retain all of their benefits. However, there is hope. Making the effort to eat as organic as possible, as well as consuming natural and whole supplements, will have you ahead of the game in many ways! Kind of makes you wish that you could time warp back to the days of our ancestors when there wasn’t so much to worry about but dinosaurs, right?

Listen to Your Gut!

Let’s face it. We aren’t as in tune with our guts as we should be, both literally and figuratively. Because of the high demand of food and other resources over the past few decades, there has been a massive increase in the production of processed foods. What an ugly truth! These processed foods have the very real possibility of completely damaging your digestive system due to the indigestible things that it contains. Does that scare you? Well, it should! The body has a hard time recognizing and digesting the things that processed food contains and this makes it extremely hard on the body to properly function the way it should. It would make sense that this would happen because there is a good amount of common ingredients contained in processed foods that shouldn’t even be approved for human consumption! As a result of the constant intake of processed foods in today’s culture, the digestive system is not as powerful as it once was in many people.

Another factor that affects the digestive system is age. As a person gets older the body yields fewer enzymes than it once did which also slows down the process. These two big whammies put together really do not help the situation, so it is best to get into the practice of taking natural supplements that will prevent any serious digestive problems and diseases. For an idea on where to find great supplements for your gut, check out BioCeuticals. Remember, your digestive system functions as a second brain! It is important to keep it running in great condition.

Night Owls and Worrywarts and Hormonal Upheaval, Oh My!

Remember when we mentioned insomnia last week? It comes back to rear its head as one of the main reasons that we should take supplements. Because of all the technological advances, people are starting to stay up later and later in fear of missing something. Studies show that the lack of sleep can greatly affect your immune system, cause weight gain, bring on depression, and ultimately increase the mortality rate. Yikes! Likewise, stress can also do a number on your body as well. The dangerous thing about stress is that sometimes it goes undetected until you are experiencing random aches and pains all over. Thanks to processed and genetically modified foods, stress and insomnia combined, imbalances in hormones can also really throw things off. It is important to get the extra help your body needs with natural supplements that will counteract these things.

Congratulations! The greatest mystery that you were dying to find out has now been solved and revealed. Now that you have found out why you need supplements, you are better able to take charge of your health the way you always wanted to. You are creating a great example for your family to live and be inspired by. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!

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