Oct 15

An amazing trip!

Hello!  Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I have been very lucky and was away on an incredible three month trip through Europe.   We had such a brilliant time!

Naturally I took all my supplements with me in a great big bag.  I got a few quizzical looks from customs officials at various airports but I had made sure I had done my homework before I travelled and I had all the correct paperwork.  I guess they have to be careful what people carry around at airports.

Going through airports has become a lot easier than I remember from my last trip.  My travel wallet probably helped in this regard.  It just helps keep all your necessary travel documents, flight tickets and other necessities close by.  My sister told me to try one out, and I don’t think I will ever travel without one again; they really are a travel accessory you should consider.  It helps not having to scratch around in bag looking for specific documents.

Italy – what an amazing country

So back to my trip!  We spent a fair amount of time in France and Italy.  They both are so beautiful, with so much to see, impossible to accomplish in one trip.  I have to say that I liked Italy the most.  There are so many things to see and do including all the regular tourist attractions you find all throughout the country.   I loved Rome; you can just feel the history of the city. I made a couple of wishes at the Trevi fountain.   The Vatican tour was also well worth it; the Sistine chapel is so beautiful.  We spent a week in Venice as well, although I wish it was longer.  I really could live there, it is such a unique city.  I loved travelling up and down the canals in the gondolas.

The food in Italy is incredible!  The best thing about it is that everything is prepared from scratch; nothing is processed in any form which of course is great for a person’s health and right up my alley!

Before we left, I looked into the benefits of travel on your health.  There are a number of studies backing this up.  In fact, travel is known to increase learning, reduce stress, build relationships and reduce depression, almost as good as supplements!

A relaxing picnic

Probably my favourite memory from the trip was a little sunset picnic we had in Tuscany.   I organised some picnic rugs from our hotel and we went to the local park and picnicked near the fountain.  The sun setting, children playing and of course great food and a glass of wine… it was very relaxing!

It’s amazing how fast time goes when you are travelling; the three months just flew by.   We also spent some time in Spain, the UK and Ireland.  Our next trip will be to South America, although that will only be in a couple of years’ time.

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